Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you charge GST ?

A : All our prices are GST inclusive. An invoice will be provided with each order which will show the GST that has been charged.

Q: Where are the products sourced from and what timber is used ?

A : Our products come from America and 90% of our products are made from Birch which is a hardwood that is untreated raw timber and sourced from sustainable forests. The remainder of our products are made from Maple.

Q : Can I pick up my order ?

A : Yes you can. As this is a home based business we can work with you to arrange pickup - Please by appointment only. Even if no one is home we can still leave your order out for collection. We have done this many times. Please, just ask !!

Q : Can you supply Schools and Educational Facilities ?

A : Yes we can. Please email us and we can invoice the school / facility direct.

Q : What are the sizes in Metric ?

A : Click on the picture of a particular product, scroll down and then click on Additional Information. All products show the metric equivalent.

Q : Do you manufacture any items ?

A : No, we are an importer and seller. We have been asked to make various things and have referred those people to some of our customers who do manufacture.

Q : How much is postage ?

A : Postage depends on the weight, size of the products and the location of the buyer. The shopping cart averages out the cost and charges a flat rate. The majority of orders are sent with a tracking number that use satchels. If we do find that the Website has overcharged and we can fit your order in a smaller stachel we will refund you the difference.

Q : Do I get a discount if I buy a larger number of one product ?

A : Yes. The price listed is between 1 and 9 items. The price drops ( depending on the item ) between 10 and 49 and again drops if the number is 50 and above. This will automatically be calculated at checkout.

Q: Why does Obsolete Stock show full price when its 50% off ?

A: Obsolete Stock shows the full price. At checkout the price will be halved so you receive a 50% discount. If you wanted to buy all the stock of an Obsolete Line please contact me for an even better price.

Q : Will I post to New Zealand and other countries ?

A : Yes. Please email me your order and I will get an accurate postage cost and email you back with a total price. New Zealand customers - the web site can calculate your postage for you. THIS WILL INCLUDE TRACKING which is why its a little dearer than standard shipping. Payment can be made via Paypal which is quick and efficient way of sending money. We have already sold to customers in England, South Africa, Norway and The Netherlands !!. Please contact me.

Q : How can I pay by Credit Card ?

A : Continue your shopping through to the checkout. Once there select Paypal and then there will be the option of paying by Credit Card. You don't need a Paypal Account to utilise this function.

Q : Where is my package and why has it taken so long to deliver.

A : This is probably the most common question we get asked. We try and mail your order the next working day of receiving it. We hand deliver the order to the post office where it is scanned ( this activates the tracking number which we enter into your order details ). Often States like Western Australia and Tasmania for some reason seem to be the slowest. We have had deliveries going to Queensland that for some reason went by South Australia and ones that were going to Western Australia that went by New South Wales. The best thing to do is enter the tracking number once received and check the progress.

Q : I need my order urgently.....can I get it sent express post.

A : Yes you can. Express Post is now an option on checkout. Express Post usually costs a bit more than using a standard satchel.

Q : Can I buy even larger amounts of particular items ?

A : Yes you can. Please contact us as we generally have to get the stock from our Distributor which can take around 10 to 14 days.

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